teeth whitening procedure

Cosmetic dentistry is all about improving the appearance of your teeth. No longer in the domain of the vain, cosmetic dentistry is increasingly being recognised as a way to improve your chances of success in life and to raise your level of self-confidence.

A good set of teeth these days will get you a long way!

Cosmetic dentists offer a variety of cosmetic procedures to get the look and feel that you want to achieve with your teeth. Anything from removal of discoloration and staining by using a whitening solution on your teeth to replacing missing teeth or re-contouring chipped and broken teeth can be done by a cosmetic dentist. View more information.

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments – teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is the process of restoring a brilliant white shine to discoloured teeth. Very few people are lucky enough to have natural bright white teeth; everyday foods and drink stain them, turning our teeth a yellow-white colour. Take a look at preventive foods.

Tea, coffee, red wine and blackcurrant are the biggest offenders, while smoking and not getting rid of tartar in our mouth through proper brushing just accelerates the discoloration process.

Professional tooth whitening is performed by a dentist. They will use a bleaching agent containing the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When applied to the teeth, the active ingredient interacts with the stain, releasing oxygen into the tooth enamel, making the teeth appear lighter and less stained. See FAQ here.

Teeth whiteningThe process and procedure

The procedure itself is quick, but two or three trips to the dentist will be required beforehand so a protective guard can be moulded to the shape of your gums. This prevents the bleaching agent from damaging the gum’s soft tissue.

‘Power Whitening’, where a laser is used to activate a bleaching ingredient pasted onto your teeth, is becoming an increasingly popular tooth whitening alternative. The procedure is fast and effective, and is readily administered in private dental and cosmetic enhancement practices. Get in touch with us today!