Latest Beauty TrendsThere are various clinics in the UK that are committed to creating bespoke and long lasting makeup effects that suit their clients. Permanent makeup is one of the latest trends to hit the UK and we think it’s here to stay. Find out about our favourite products.

Why is permanent makeup so popular?

There are treatments for almost everything, including eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and medical tattooing. Having perfectly shaped, full brows can save you so much time in the morning as you won’t need to fill them in on your makeup routine. Again, it is the same with eyeliner and lip liner.

An expert technician will create a look that is suited to your face shape, symmetry and colour.

Receive £100 off permanent eyebrow tattooing

Who wouldn’t want full, perfectly shaped harmonious eyebrows to make you appear younger and full of life? The stylists at Natural Enhancement, London have the ability of enhancing every aspect of your face with just their eyebrow treatment.  See treatments here.

The hair stroke eyebrow treatment is one of the most popular that you can choose from. This gives you the effect of fine hair strokes that will easily blend into your natural brows. This treatment can give you a result that will last.

Alternatively, if you would prefer definition and a more defined shape then we recommend the ombre eyebrow treatment. Call 020 8995 2200 today.

Permanent eyebrows in LondonFuller, more defined lips with permanent makeup

Have you wanted fuller, more defined lips without the injections? This is where the lip liner permanent makeup treatment comes into place. Over time our lips tend to lose volume and definition, however with the skills of a talented technician, you won’t have to face this for much longer. Find out more.

Show off your new lips with a bright, white smile! Professional teeth whitening is painless, inexpensive and you get results in just one appointment! Click here to see what’s involved.

Eyeliner to enhance your natural beauty

We all know what it is like trying to apply eyeliner every morning and having the fear that it will smudge throughout the day. However, with semi-permanent eyeliner this is something you won’t have to worry about anymore. Eyeliner will give you the illusion of bigger eyes with thicker and longer lashes.  Click here to see reviews.

Please contact our local London team if you would like to share your reviews on permanent makeup.