Right, so when it comes to mascara and thickening and lengthening my lashes, I struggle to find the oneon a budget! So after buying and testing a HUGE amount of mascara brands, I thought Id share my findings with you so you can avoid spending the pennies doing what I do on a regular basis!

With all the mascara adverts currently out there that are, lets face it, either computerised or the models are wearing natural looking falsies, I have been sucked into the wicked world of marketing! Yep, I am a victim of liking what I see and buying what I see that doesnt actually turn out to be what I was promised.

Different types of lashes

Now I dont know about you, but personally, my lashes are poker straight and fair at the ends (which naturally make them appear shorter too until you have applied mascara). So because of this, I like my mascara to be thick enough to carry out a consistent thickness throughout the lash, and to be almost dry on application, allowing you to build up the thickness without clumping.

In my experience, a lot of budget mascaras are too wet therefore the ability to build up the thickness and length is almost impossible and tend to weigh your lashes down if you have curled them first, so end up with no curl at all (or at least an uneven one); or can take an age while you wait for each layer you apply to dry.

If its not the wetness of the mascara, its how thin it is on application leaving you spending minute after minute sweeping the wand over your lashes and actually achieving not a lot at all.

Or my ultimate pet hate is the flimsy brush that comes out of the tube absolutely overloaded with mascara but with no ability to sweep evenly over your lashes, leaving them clumped and seeing you fight to separate your lashes evenly with a comb.